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Une minute sur la Terre

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Thanks to a huge, brightly coloured picture (1m70 when folded out), children can grasp the notion of time zones and specific information about continents and countries which, depending on their longitude, are experiencing day or night…
On the… Read more  inside front cover, a planisphere lets young readers situate the countries and continents represented on the poster.
And there’s more! A booklet slipped into a sleeve focuses on 24 figures who each personify a country, a way of life, a climate, customs, different daily routines…
Basic explanations of longitude and latitude, etc. complete the information given in this attractive object.

Author : Paul Martin

Illustrator : Kiko

7 and up

Collection: Documentaire 6 ans et +

Publication date:

Themes: Earthgeographyworld

Retail price: 13,50 €

N°EAN 9782747067621
Format 210 x 350 mm
Number of pages 16

Documentaire 6 ans et +

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