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Why is the sky blue? How do volcanoes begin? How long will I keep growing? Why did dinosaurs disappear? What size is a drop of water? What’s inside the dromedary’s hump? Why do we cry when we laugh? Where does the wind come from? What’s the… Read more  difference between an atom and a molecule? Where do storks go? Can we walk on Jupiter? When was the first computer made?…
All these questions, asked by children, featured on the Images doc. Site. Light-hearted, profound, original questions, but they are always serious enough to merit answers from scientific journalists each month.
With contributions from specialists and experts of the domain concerned: (nature/animals/astronomy/physics/chemistry/biology/technology), the authors approach fascinating questions in a simple manner to let children understand why the world is what it is today.
In this book, forty-seven questions illustrated by Pascal Lemaître who was given free rein to impose his style on various scientific universes. An original approach with beautiful pictures, funny and striking.
A unique book that science-lovers, from the very young to older children, will love!

Auteurs : MARC BEYNIÉBertrand Fichou

Illustrator : Pascal LEMAITRE

7 and up

Collection: Questions pas bêtes

Publication date:

Themes: asking questionsscience

Retail price: 14,90 €

N°EAN 9782747052283
Number of pages 96

Questions pas bêtes

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