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Pense pas bête T.1 – Les grandes questions philo des 7/11 ans, TOME

Bayard Jeunesse
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Children often ask their parents, grandparents and teachers philosophical questions, but adults don’t always have the means to answer them. Pense pas bête answers children’s questions openly, referring to their daily life and showing them that… Read more  several answers are possible. An initiation to teach them to think for themselves, to forge their own opinions and to be open to discussion on a great variety of subjects like death, life, fear, friendship, money, beauty, justice, laughter, growing old, jealousy, good and evil…

7 and up

Collection: Questions pas bêtes

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Themes: existential questionsphilosophy

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N°EAN 9782747048279
Number of pages 144

Questions pas bêtes

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