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Parents, frères et soeurs, famille (élargie) mode d’emploi

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Grown-ups and kids, male and female, tall and short, you find all shapes and sizes in a family! With their joys and sadness, problems and happy events… families are constantly changing!
Authentic kiddies’ questions about family… Read more  problems:
siblings, arguments, parents separating, authority, sickness, death, remarriage and reconstituted families, abandon, adoption, handicap, etc.
45 questions in all:
What’s the point of having parents?! Can you still be a dad when you’re old? Why do parents scold us? What’s the point in getting married? Why do my brother and I always squabble? Why do parents get divorced? Why do families have arguments? Why are some kids abandoned by their parents? and many more.
This book finds the right words to help children understand what they are feeling in their family, to see more clearly and feel better in their everyday life.


Illustrator : Clotka

7 and up

Collection: Les petits livres

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Retail price: 9,90 €

N°EAN 9782747080989
Number of pages 40

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