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Who invented music? What are the instruments in the orchestra? What does the conductor do? When was rock music invented? Why do drummers act a bit mad? Why don’t we all have the same voice? Who invented the guitar? Do you have to be a musician to… Read more  play the triangle? Where did jazz come from? How can you play so many notes on a violin? Why is music happy or sad? What’s a symphony? When did operas begin? What is a treble clef? Where did the notes come from?
All of these questions were really sent by children to the classical music programme Klassico Dingo, diffused every Saturday morning by Radio France and hosted by Nicolas Lafitte.
In this book, 40 questions have been selected and answered by Nicolas Lafitte and Bertrand Fichou (editor-in-chief of Images doc and Youpi). Each one is illustrated by Pascal Lemaître who was given free rein to treat the subject in his own style. The result is striking and humorous!
A unique book on the history of music. Classical, jazz, rock, rap, folk, music from all over the world… they are all treated here. Instruments, composers, instrumentalists, and works appear as the pages turn, in the form of questions, and sometimes with big double-page illustrations to discover a subject in detail (orchestra, portraits of musicians, etc.)
There’s a bonus, excerpts of works to listen to if you would like to find out more.
For all music lovers, from 7 to 107!

7 and up

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Questions pas bêtes

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