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L’histoire de France en BD

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These books are a History of France told in comic style.
Some comic books tell the lives of great people: Vercingetorix, Clovis, Henri IV, Napoleon, Marie Curie, Charles de Gaulle…
Others tell of ways of life: hunting bison in… Read more  prehistoric times, medieval peasants, children working in the 19th century…
Lastly, historic events are related, such as the storming of the Bastille or the First World War.
These comic books, designed to be accessible to children from 8 up, faithfully represent the times they are recounting. The illustrations by talented artists are realistic and meticulously documented. The events they show have been presented with two aims: to make dynamic, enjoyable reading and to represent the subject they treat efficiently and faithfully.
Each comic book is completed with pages of information. Clears, uncluttered and illustrated, these pages give the reader a bonus: they can situate the comic in its historical context and make the link with other subjects treated in the book.

8 and up

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