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Les machines et les hommes

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Animals don’t have much choice! Either they find all they need in nature, or they die. Humans, although they are not adapted to nature, have the specific ability to adapt nature to their needs. They transform the world to make it habitable. Today,… Read more  the first tools we invented have given way to more and more efficient machines: in one day, we leave one machine to use another – the car, computer, cell phone, TV… Although people invent machines to reduce the physical effort of work and increase the efficiency of their actions, and generally to make their lives more comfortable, isn’t it possible that ultimately, inventions may turn against the inventors? There is a big difference between working with tools and working with machines. Craftsmen remain the guide and the soul of their own gestures, but the labourer is obliged to yield to the rhythm imposed by the machine. And what does it mean for people today to be surrounded by machines whose mechanisms they do not understand? Incapable of imagining the inner workings of the computer, how a microwave oven cooks food, or how a nuclear power centre produces energy, haven’t we placed ourselves in a new situation of dependence? Fundamentally, hasn’t man become intoxicated by his own technical prowess?

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