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Les images et les mots

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Amélie is annoyed, she has a great idea but she can’t put it into words.
« I know exactly what I want to say but I don’t know how to say it. Yet it is very clear in my head, I promise you, I can feel it, it’s… Read more  there… » We have all felt that way, that irritation when we cannot express an idea, put it into words.
Abeka looks at the first page of a newspaper her father brought from a far-off country. It seems the drawing she sees on the page caused a lot of trouble in large parts of the world, millions of people demonstrated in the streets, some saying that they objected to the existence of the drawing and others saying they were in favour. Men and women who worked in the newspaper were murdered. Abeka looks more closely, but she doesn’t understand. In her tribe, they don’t know the man represented in the picture. His story, and the story of the religion he created haven’t reached this place in the Great North. This picture means nothing to Abeka. We interpret pictures with whatever we have in our heads, our knowledge, ideas and tastes, our dislikes, beliefs, desires and fears… Pictures speak to us when we can understand what they are saying.

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