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Les déchets

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All you need to know to become a pro when it comes to exploiting waste!
In three stages, this book lets readers discover, understand and learn some simple gestures to protect our planet:
• I discover:
What is our waste made up… Read more  of? How much do we throw away each year? Where does it go after collection?
• I understand :
What is biodegradable? How does a garbage dump function? Why is waste a danger to nature?
• I take action:
Simple things to do every day to reduce waste or give it a second life.
This series makes the child a player: lots of manual activities and experiments are presented. Children will learn to sort out the elements in the garbage, make their own compost, even invent games to give old objects a new life!

Illustrator : Laurent Audouin

Photos by : Jean-François Noblet

8 and up

Collection: Wapiti Mission Nature

Publication date:

Themes: ecologynature

Retail price: 8,90 €

N°EAN 9782745962614
Number of pages 48

Wapiti Mission Nature

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