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Couverture de « L’eau »


Because it is the source of life, water is indispensable.
In three stages, this book lets readers discover, understand and learn some simple gestures to protect our planet:
• I discover:
What is water? What are its properties? … Read more  How is it distributed around the world? What is its purpose?
• I understand:
How can water be a source of energy? How does it get to our taps? How is water purified?
• I take action:
Simple things to do every day to limit pollution and waste of water.
This series makes the child a player: lots of manual activities and experiments are presented. They can make clouds, a mini water-treatment plant, acid rain, a water clock, and test the different tastes of water!

Author : Michèle Mira Pons

Illustrator : Sophie Lebot

8 and up

Collection: Wapiti Mission Nature

Publication date:

Themes: ecologynaturewater

Retail price: 8,90 €

N°EAN 9782745962607
Number of pages 48

Wapiti Mission Nature

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