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Le petit livre pour parler des enfants migrants

Bayard Jeunesse
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Children have a knack for asking their parents tricky questions.
What is a migrant? Why are there foreigners sleeping in the street?
Why do families sail across the sea in little boats?
What does it mean to be “legal”?… Read more  /> What’s a smuggler?
Through real questions gathered by Sophie Bordet-Pétillon in a primary school, the authors explore a number of questions about migrants, and more specifically child migrants.
Why do they come to France? Do parents who migrate abandon their children? Why do they have to leave everything behind? Do children ever travel alone? What can we do to help these migrants?
A book that answers questions that sometimes make children anxious, deconstructs certain prejudices about young migrants, highlights the dangers faced by migrants and the difficulties they encounter in their host countries.


Illustrator : Pascal LEMAITRE

7 and up

Collection: Les petits livres

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Les petits livres

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