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Le petit livre pour dire NON ! aux abus sexuels

Couverture de « Le petit livre pour dire NON ! aux abus sexuels »


It’s never easy to talk about sexual violence to children. Yet it is essential to do so, to help children protect themselves in situations where they might be at risk, and to avoid them.
If a child has been the victim of violence, they must… Read more  be helped to break out of their silence: that is the first stage of reconstruction.
This book presents six stories (in comic genre) about children who were harassed by older children or adults. They are typically the things that might happen in daily life (an unfortunate meeting with a stranger in the street, the Internet and its dangers; a harmful cousin, a monitor who has inappropriate gestures, an intrusive stepfather, etc.). Each time, children get advice on how to handle a dangerous person and learn how to defend themselves in all situations, and how to say NO, quite simply.
The aim of this little book, prefaced by Marcel Rufo, is to teach children how to stand up for themselves. To be read in the family, an act of prevention.

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