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Le petit livre de la mort et de la vie

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Every human being thinks about the big events of life (being born, growing up, growing old, dying), but few of them know how to give suitable answers to a child who asks questions about death, or who has to face the loss of a loved one. Yet to… Read more  soothe feelings of anguish and distress nothing can replace dialogue.
Working on authentic children’s questions, the author answers simply, one question per double page: What does it mean, to die? How do people die? Where do we go when we are dead? What do we do with the body? Why are we so afraid of death? etc.
Although the book does not avoid difficult questions such as suffering or suicide, it remains on a positive note and lets children understand that death is part of life and it gives life its meaning. It strives to reassure children, helping them to understand that death is not morbid but natural.


Illustrator : Rémi SAILLARD

7 and up

Collection: Les petits livres

Publication date:

Themes: death

Retail price: 9,90 €

N°EAN 9782747047739
Number of pages 14

Les petits livres

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