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Le mondes, les autres et moi

Couverture de « Le mondes, les autres et moi »


Why do parents have secrets? Can they love each other yet argue? Why do I tell lies? How do you make friends? Why does everything come to an end? What’s the point of art?
This book assembles 120 authentic children’s questions from Bayard… Read more  magazines Astrapi, Images Doc, and Grain de Soleil.
The book is in five parts: The Family, Feelings, Life and Death, Society, The World. In each part, many themes are treated. The questions children ask oblige us – we adults – to revise what we know and consolidate the values we believe in. The answers in this book vary in style depending on the authors who wrote them, but they are all paths for reflection.

8 and up

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Themes: children's questions

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Années caté

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