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La psycho 100 % ado

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“I’d like to know if it’s normal for things to be so different this year? », « My mother’s been rummaging through my things, so I don’t have any secret places », « My little sister is a carbon copy of myself », « Lots of girls… Read more  think that if you’re friendly with a boy, you want to be his girlfriend », « I think I’m in love with my best friend », « Girls are hard to understand », « I’d like to know if boys get less macho after 15 », « I get made fun of because I don’t wear the latest gear », « Every night, I make myself vomit », « I feel completely useless and I’d like to do something about it »…
Every day, people write to Okapi. Their questions, which Odile Amblard answers concisely and in concrete terms, introduce 11 thematic chapters. To know more, Professor Jeammet urges teenagers to think and observe their psychology in a questions/answers interview. What emerges is that the inherent contradictions of the teens are sometimes difficult to live with, that time is a precious healer and that this slice of life is, above all, very enriching!

12 and up

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Themes: asking questionspsychologypubertyteens

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100% Ado

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