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La chance et la malchance

Couverture de « La chance et la malchance »


« What’s wrong, Isaure? You don’t look very happy this morning”.
“My dad saw me smoking at the school gate and it’s no pocket money for me.”
“Oh! That was rotten luck!”
“The annoying thing is he… Read more  never comes to this area. But yesterday, just as Yvan gave me his cigarette, he drove by.”
“Really rotten luck. »
“As you say, rotten luck.”
« Have you seen the new boy?”
“Yes, his name’s Luke, seems OK, but have you seen the nose he’s got?”
“Obviously. Be hard to miss it. I’ve never seen such a big nose.”
“Rotten luck to be born with a hooter like that. »
Rotten luck, that’s true. But is Luke’s bad luck the same as Isaure’s?
Luke can’t do anything about his nose: he’s had it from birth. But for Isaure’s punishment, she could do something. Of course, she couldn’t stop her father being there and looking over at the wrong time. But still, the punishment didn’t come along like Luke’s nose. Isaure played a role in her story: she was smoking at the school gate. Luke didn’t do anything: he has to put up with his nose. When something happens through no fault of yours, we can talk about luck and misfortune.

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