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Histoire du monde en BD

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This book is a comic style presentation of the history of man all over the world. It is divided into 7 parts that correspond to 7 periods in history, clearly identified thanks to a colour code:
The Middle… Read more  Ages
The Renaissance
Early Modern Period
19th century
20th century till today
Each period is introduced by a double page of chronological and geographical references. People, civilisations and events treated in each part are easily found on a timeline frieze and a big map of the world. Several comics make up each part. Designed to be accessible to children from the age of eight, the comics faithfully represent elements of the times they are describing. The stories they bring to life aim to do two things: to be dynamic and enjoyable reading and to be representative and emblematic of the subject they treat. The narrative develops short stories offering a global view of the theme.
Each comic is completed by some pages of useful facts. Clear, uncluttered and illustrated, these pages give the reader complementary information: they situate the topic of the comic in its historical context and establish the links between different events in different places.

Author : Collectif

8 and up

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Themes: history

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