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Être et avoir

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Excerpt: let’s begin a little exercise: complete the sentences with the verb to be, or the verb to have. Tim … a chocolate pastry. Laura … funny. Paul … a motorbike. Alex … a pest. Too easy! Nobody would think of writing « Tim is a… Read more  chocolate pastry », or « Laura has funny », « Paul is a motorbike » or  » Alex has a pest ». Everyone knows the difference between to be and to have, between what you are (funny, a pest…) and what you have (a chocolate pastry, a motor bike…). The things you have – you can give them away, throw them away, take them, put them far or near to you, lend them or lose them; you can separate them from yourself: they are separate from you. What you are is part of you, you can’t separate yourself from that. « Sonia, have you seen my grey pullover? » – « What grey pullover? » – « What do you mean, what grey pullover? » asks the surprised Pascal. « I only have one! The one I have always had. » This shapeless old pullover, all fuzzy, too big with a hole at the bottom, Pascal loves it. Sonia hates it. Sometimes we have objects – an old teddy bear, a bracelet, a medal, a soft toy, a cap, a photo, a little bottle full of sand – that we want to keep, because we’re attached to them. In what we have, there is often a little of what we are.

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