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Copain – L’Angleterre

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Destination? A tour of England in 22 stages… enjoy every minute!
The young traveller is guided to each new stage by a different little friend, a modern mini-avatar of a historical figure, from fiction or legend (a mini-Sherlock Holmes, a… Read more  mini-Robin Hood…). Each stage is an original itinerary to surprising places that are nevertheless a must.
To start off, Prof. Centripete presents England. Then, at the end of each stage, he sheds a more factual light with historical, sociological and literary zooms, and much more.
At each stage, there’s a playful bonus with a question, a puzzle, a “Did you know? » feature, a quiz, a thing to find…
1. In the footsteps of Harry Potter 2. With Kings and Queens 3. Heading for Peter Pan’s Neverland 4. Elementary, my dear Sherlock Holmes! 5. Ghosts and Spirits 6. Dinosaurs and Mummies 7. Fauna and Flora in London 8. Little Worlds in London 9. My Tailor is Rich 10. Cathedral and Abbey 11. Seats of Power 12. Painting and Sculpture 13. As Shakespeare said… 14. Brain Factories 15. Raised Stones 16. Jurassic World 17. Gastronomy 18. Arthur & Co. 19. Robin Hood’s Den 20. Boys in Vogue 21. The Other Land of Football 22. Hadrian’s Wall and the Neighbours.

Auteurs : Nicolas MartelleMyriam Martelle

Illustrator : Kim Consigny

8 and up

Collection: Copain voyage

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Themes: Englandleisuretravelworld

Retail price: 9,90 €

N°EAN 9782745975713
Format 160 x 200 mm
Number of pages 96

Copain voyage

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