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Copain du ciel

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A book to reveal the secrets of the sky, observe the stars and understand their mysteries, discover the most curious things in the Universe and its planets.
With Copain du ciel, astronomy – a science of scholars – becomes child’s… Read more  play!
Stars and other celestial phenomena are brought within children’s grasp thanks to clear explanations, photos, illustrations, diagrams and dozens of fascinating experiments.
An interstellar voyage in 10 chapters:
• Destination: the sky! 
• The Sun is your star;
• The Moon, planet Earth’s neighbour;
• The incredible Universe;
• Take off for the constellations! 
• A sky for each season;
• The Sun’s family;
• The tour of the planets;
• Fallen from the sky;
• Guided visit. At the end of the book, a notebook assembles information on the professions linked to the sky and space, summarised information presented in spreadsheets, useful addresses, a glossary and an index.

7 and up

Collection: COPAIN

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Themes: astronomyskyspaceUniverse

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N°EAN 9782745962515
Number of pages 256
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