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Copain des petites bêtes

Editions Milan
Couverture de « Copain des petites bêtes »


The « Copain » series, every book is a companion!
Advice to become a real entomologist.
Practical activities to collect insects.
Incredible facts about nature’s little geniuses.
They swarm under dead leaves, they hide… Read more  under stones… Little bugs are everywhere. In the forests and the rivers, but also in your garden and your home! They’re very useful, as well as very strong. Migrating butterflies can fly 6,000km using the sole force of their wings… Some flies speed along at 50 km/h!
Thanks to this book, learn to observe them and become their friend. Welcome to the fascinating universe of tiny creatures!

7 and up

Collection: COPAIN

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Themes: activitiesanimalslittle animalsnature

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N°EAN 9782408014476
Format 190 x 250 mm
Number of pages 256


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