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Copain des oiseaux

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This book offers budding ornithologists on opportunity to encounter the creatures that live in the air.
How high do birds fly? Are they intelligent? How do the colours get into their feathers? How does a chick get out of the egg? … Copain… Read more  des oiseaux has the answers to many questions children ask. In 12 chapters, lots of topics are treated, giving an all-round view of the subject: anatomy, physiology, flight, migrations, sexual behaviour, discovery, observation, protection…
An invitation to travel, this book takes young readers to meet birds around the world, from the most familiar to the most surprising. Complex notions of anatomy are made accessible, and the proposed activities facilitate comprehension. As in all the titles of the series, the illustrations complement the texts to perfection.
Children will find the latest knowledge (especially in the realm of protection and legislation). Reading this book will persuade young ornithologists of the necessity to protect birds, which are as useful to maintaining the balance of the planet as they are beautiful to observe.

7 and up

Collection: COPAIN

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Themes: animalsbirdsdiscoverynature

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N°EAN 9782745971227
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