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Copain des jeux

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« What can I do? I don’t know what to do! » sung Anna Karina in « Pierrot le Fou ». That’s one complaint that no child can make again because Copain des jeux, a big, beautiful, companionable book, is here with countless ideas for indoor… Read more  activities, with little or virtually no material.
Like all the books in the series, Copain des jeux is both practical and fun, always handy for the child to dip into for a game idea (with the precise rules), while gleaning some information at the same time (historical, variants, tips, production advice…).
In 240 pages, more than 500 games of different origins are presented, gathered throughout time and throughout the world. All the games have been tested and approved, and their rules written clearly and concisely. All the games in this book are to play indoors. They require little materiel, always everyday things: string, a bowl, coins, different types of cloth …
« Games are children’s most serious actions. » (Montaigne.)

7 and up

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