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Copain des chats

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Couverture de « Copain des chats »


The « Copain » series, every book is a companion!!
Lots of ideas to play with your cat.
Practical advice for training and care.
A complete catalogue of breeds.
With their ultrasensitive whiskers, eagle eyes, alertness…… Read more  Cats have always fascinated man. Worshiped by the Egyptians, adopted by the Gauls, today we make them the stars of cartoons! The cat finds its place in all the world’s cultures!
There are more than 400 million domesticated cats throughout the world, but one is more important than all the others: yours – or the one you dream of having… Learn to observe it if you want to understand it better. You’ll soon know how to look after it and give it the affection it needs… become a true friend of the cat!

7 and up

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