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Copain des bois

Editions Milan
Couverture de « Copain des bois »


The « Copain » series, every book is a companion!
Activities to have fun in the woods.
Hundreds of photos and illustrations to identify species.
Would you like to take a walk in the undergrowth? Let’s go!
Thanks to this… Read more  book, you will learn to identify flowers, trees, plants, and to observe the forest dwellers in their environment: from the squirrel hurrying up a tree trunk to the rabbit skedaddling through the bushes and the bird calling its young.
If you want to build a strong hut, find your way in even the densest woods, recognize the mushroom you can safely eat… this « Copain » will be your guide. It will help you discover the secrets of the forest and find out more about this mysterious place.

7 and up

Collection: COPAIN

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Themes: activitiesanimalsforestnature

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N°EAN 9782408014483
Format 190 x 250 mm
Number of pages 256


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