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Copain de la danse

Couverture de « Copain de la danse »


Know all there is to know about dance, throughout the world, and through the centuries.
Get to know the different styles and learn the steps.
Dance is a universal art, common to all societies, from the most ancient to the most evolved,… Read more  near and far. Did you know that Louis XIV was a dancer before he was king? That Maurice Béjart practiced musical collage? Would you like to know some tap dancing steps, or flamenco? Make a tutu… learn some professional tricks for doing your hair, applying make-up?
This « Copain » will open doors to dance all over the world and let you discover the discipline and those who created it. You can also try out several different styles and understand that dancing can be an intellectual practice or the most natural thing in the world.

Author : Agnès Izrine

Illustrator : Collectif d’illustrateurs

7 and up

Collection: COPAIN

Publication date:

Themes: activitiesart historydanceworld

Retail price: 14,95 €

N°EAN 9782745965042
Number of pages 256


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