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C’est quoi être une fille, c’est quoi être un garçon ?

Couverture de « C’est quoi être une fille, c’est quoi être un garçon ? »


In this book, Serge Clerget answers authentic children’s questions about the differences between boys and girls…
So, what are those differences? At birth, every human being is different. But especially, each one has a girl or a boy’s… Read more  sexual organ.
What roles should boys and girls play? Their behaviour is not the same, they are not educated in the same way and society doesn’t offer them the same image and the same model. Blue for a boy, pink for a girl: clichés are hard to get rid of!
Are we moving towards equality? In today’s society, many laws have been voted to create equality between men and women. But injustices persist…

7 and up

Collection: Des questions plein la tête

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Des questions plein la tête

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