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Ça sert à quoi, l’école ?

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School is useful in lots of ways! To learn to read, write and count… but also to think, see the world otherwise, live together, respect the rules… In this book, Sylvain Connac, a specialist in education, answers schoolchildren’s questions… Read more  simply and clearly. Subjects, evaluations, teachers, school canteen, those in difficulty… His view of all that makes up the daily lives of primary school children is a reassuring one. A book full of advice that explains to children how school helps them to build their future – which means becoming themselves and living happily in tomorrow’s world.
From the age of seven.

8 and up

Collection: Des questions plein la tête

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Themes: éducationschool

Retail price: 9,95 €

N°EAN 9782747044516
Format 210 x 150 mm
Number of pages 72

Des questions plein la tête

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