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Autos : le catalogue des voitures

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The automobiles of the stars or those you see every day, French or foreign, prototypes or fabulous sports cars, Autos, le catalogue voitures presents more than 200 models of emblematic automobiles to captivate young readers, enthuse their passion,… Read more  incite their astonishment and admiration for cars that are incredibly beautiful.
Rolls-Royce or Ford T, Batmobile, Golf or 2CV? This beautiful book, with its generous for-mat and illustrated throughout, offers a magnificent panorama of cars that inspire our dreams. One page and double spread illustrations, vignettes and even poster format, with Autos, le catalogue voitures children discover the automobile universe from the 19th century to tomorrow, through about twenty essential themes: the first models, cars in films, luxury models, sports cars, cars to show off, racing cars, popular models, pro-totypes, customised, coupés, convertibles, saloons, minivans, superminis, estate cars, vans, pick-up trucks, limousines, 4 wheel drives, as well as taxis, and cars that have made History, broken records… The presentation is simple and accessible: model, brand, year and country. Data that will make kids dream: performances, records, dimensions… A veritable catalogue, richly illustrated, to discover, admire, dip into and share with friends!

Illustrator : Paul Craft

6 and up

Collection: Documentaires 6 ans et +

Publication date:

Themes: carstransports

Retail price: 14,90 €

N°EAN 9782745986658
Format 260 x 300 mm
Number of pages 64

Documentaires 6 ans et +

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