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This book tells the history of great ancient civilisations in comic style.
As the pages turn, young readers get to know the peoples of the Middle East (Sumerians, Hebrews), the Egyptians, the people of Crete and Greece, the Celts and the Gauls,… Read more  the Romans and the Barbarians. They also discover the great mythological legends of these peoples, such as the story of the Minotaur and the birth of Rome.
Designed to be accessible to children aged 8 and up, the comics faithfully reproduce features of the civilisation described. The illustrations are realistic, produced by talented artists after meticulous documentary research. The events they bring to life have been created with two aims: to make dynamic, exciting reading and to clearly representing the subject they describe.
Each comic story is completed with non-fiction features. Clear, uncluttered and illustrated, these pages give the readers more information, letting them resituate the comic story in its historical context and link it up with the other stories in the book.

Author and illustrator : Béatrice VEILLON

8 and up

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Themes: Ancient EgyptAncient GreeceAncient HistoryAncient Rome

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N°EAN 9782747057424
Number of pages 208

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