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Couverture de « Anatomia »


A big attractive book to explain – in a totally new way – how the wonderful machine we call the human body functions.
Rich in information, astonishing and inventive, this book was co-written by Jack Guichard – graduate of the Ecole… Read more  normale, biologist and specialist of education and communication, ex-director of the Palais de la Découverte.
Imagine the human body like a town, with its transport system (blood circulation), on-going constructions (joints, muscles and movements), its ramparts (the skin) … Looking at it this way, the human body can be represented like the map of a town. Throughout this book, the comparison is maintained, explaining the human body in a striking, highly visual way.

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Themes: anatomyhuman body

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Format 270 x 370 mm
Number of pages 48

Documentaires 8 ans et +

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