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Air et pollution

Editions Milan
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The ozone hole, the greenhouse effect, global warming, urban pollution… there’s an air of suffocation around today! Discover what air is made of, read an investigation on urban transports, organize games to identify the most polluted spots,… Read more  construct a 3D globe. Take a breath of fresh air with a relaxation session and cultivate quality air with the help of plants. This guide has loads of advice to give the planet a breath of fresh air.

Author : Caroline Toutain

Illustrator : Laurent Audouin

8 and up

Collection: Wapiti Mission Nature

Publication date:

Themes: ecologyenvironmentpollution

Retail price: 8,90 €

N°EAN 9782745963031
Format 120 x 240 mm
Number of pages 40

Wapiti Mission Nature

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