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Voyage d’une goutte de pluie

Couverture de « Voyage d’une goutte de pluie »


An interactive book-object to discover the water cycle!
The reader is encouraged to move the little ball/raindrop along the grooved paths on the pages in the book.
Starting from a cloud, the ball/raindrop travels down a little stream,… Read more  through a cows’ trough, into a river, through a dam, water tower, and pipes, before cleaning a child’s hands and heading to the water treatment plant, then to the river, the sea… and back to the cloud!
Learning through touch and play; the child discovers the water cycle by guiding the ball along the grooves in the book and exploring a raindrop’s journey.

Illustrator : Kiko

5 and up

Collection: Divers documentaire

Publication date:

Themes: water

Retail price: 15 €

N°EAN 9791027608867
Format 85 x 240 mm
Number of pages 12

Divers documentaire

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