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Salvador Dalí

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13 must-see works of art, plunging children into the world of the most famous surrealist painter in the world, alongside Magritte. Dali’s eye-catching work captures the imagination. He juxtaposes seemingly real objects or figures with imaginary… Read more  dreamlike or nightmarish shapes.
Dali was born in 1904 in Figueras, in Catalonia. The women in his family spoilt him. The only place he was not allowed was the kitchen! Which is perhaps why, at the age of 6, he wanted to become a chef. This is also the age when he painted his very first picture, a landscape of his beloved Catalonia. Salvador had an overflowing imagination! In the summer, when he and his family would go to the little Catalan village of Cadaqués, he would look out at the Cap de Creus rocks and daydream. Some reminded him of monsters, others of faces… Throughout his life, Dali remained somewhat of a spoilt child, confident of his talent, and extravagant, with a curious, amazed, and anxious outlook on the world.
The passing of time (his famous melting watches), food, Gala, dreams, science, History (the US’, where he lived for several years, or Spain’s, his birth country), all inspired his paintings, reminiscent of Russian dolls. For there is always more to a Dali painting than meets the eye. As though he was extending an invitation to look more carefully and see that the lines between real and surreal are blurred.
Artworks featuring in the book: “Port Alguer”, “Self-Portrait with L’Humanité”, “Portrait of my Father”, “Basket of Bread”, “The Persistence of Memory”, “Lobster Telephone”, “Mae West Lips Sofa”, “Sleep”, “Disappearing Images”, “Poetry of America”, “Galatea of the Spheres”, “The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus”, “The Hallucinogenic Toreador”.

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