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Mon premier atlas du ciel et de l’espace

Editions Milan
Couverture de « Mon premier atlas du ciel et de l’espace »


The Atlas of the Sky and the Earth, designed on the same principle as the other titles in the « Premiers Atlas » series, invites young readers to discover the universe and the solar system in which our planet Earth evolves. From the big bang to… Read more  the tidal phenomenon, taking in the conquest of space, this first trip into space – rich in information and colour – will inform the very young and make them dream.
Organized in 6 chapters, this atlas lets children discover the universe and the place our planet holds in that immensity.
Chapter 1: The Solar System
Chapter 2: The Sun
Chapter 3: The Stars
Chapter 4: The Earth
Chapter 5: The Moon
Chapter 6: The Conquest of Space
Each chapter covers 4 pages. On the first page, vignettes with captions.
Opposite, a page with an overlay of tracing paper lets children visualize a phenomenon of movement or a section.
On the second double spread, a large narrative scene invites young readers to dream.
The vignettes, pictograms and drawings are of exceptional quality, created by 6 talented illustrators who often illustrate atlases for the very young (Benjamin Bécue, Séverine Laurent, Da-Fanny, Mayana Itoiz, Sophie Lebot, Lucie Rioland).

5 and up


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N°EAN 9782745960221
Format 180 x 220 mm
Number of pages 32


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