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Mes premières grandes questions philosophiques

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10 stories to help answer the questions very young children can ask about their daily experience. To help them think and act.
What if I told a lie?
What if I didn’t go to school?
What happens if I don’t do as I’m told?… Read more  /> What if I feel like fighting?
Why don’t I have any money?
Why don’t I have the right to do things?
What would happen if we never died?
Why not just give up?
How come I’m not the boss? Filou’s big brother is doing a work placement and he’s complaining about his boss. Why can’t he give the orders?
What are you afraid of?

Author : Brigitte Labbé

Illustrator : Éric Gasté

5 and up

Collection: Documentaires 6 ans et +

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Themes: asking questionseveryday lifephilosophy

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N°EAN 9782745961464
Format 170 x 230 mm
Number of pages 192

Documentaires 6 ans et +

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