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Lire et écrire

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To read and to write: an essential acquisition for children and a key moment in their self-construction.
This book answers 16 essential questions children ask on this subject.
The author replies to the following:
– Who invented… Read more  writing?
– Why should I learn to read and write?
– Does everyone read and write in the same way?
– Why do they read manga backwards?
– Can you live without reading and writing?
– How can I write without a pen?
– Have books always existed?
– Why doesn’t writing in books look like the writing in my jotters?
–When do we learn to read and write?
– Why do people say my writing is like chicken scratch?
– Is it easy to learn to read?
– I read one sentence but I didn’t understand a word, why?
– Do you have to go to school to learn to read and write?
– My gran can hardly see at all now, how can she read?
– I don’t like reading too much. Is that serious?
– Is writing a profession?

Author : Brigitte Balmes

Illustrator : Coralie Vallageas

6 and up


Publication date:

Themes: children's questionsreadingschoolwriting

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N°EAN 9782408020644
Format 210 x 210 mm
Number of pages 40


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