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Les gros mots

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At a very early age, children ask questions about the power of words: those that make us laugh, those that make us angry, shock, offend or please. Those words that children aren’t allowed to use – although adults do – and kiddies whisper them… Read more  when they’re alone in the toilet, and repeat in the playground.
Here are 16 extremely pertinent questions on the subject… and the answers!
– Why is it that grown-ups can use swear words, but not me?
– What is a swear word?
– Why do people say them when they hurt their foot?
– What makes us want to insult someone?
– Why does everyone say « shit »?
– Do people everywhere use the same swear words?
– Who decided that « damn » would be a swear word?
– Can we invent swear words?
– Is a graffiti a swear word?
– Why does my big sister speak badly all the time?
– How did people swear in the old days?
– Can a gesture be offensive?
– Can a swear word hurt anyone?
– Can you go to prison for saying bad things?
– What if you can’t help saying them?
– Are there any nice words?

Author : Stéphane Frattini

Illustrator : Colonel Moutarde

6 and up


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Themes: French languagelanguageswear words

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