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Les animaux de la forêt

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This book presents animals that live in the forest, their shelter and their way of life, through 16 children’s questions: 1 • Why are there animals in the forest? 2 • What are all the strange noises we hear in the forest? 3 • What’s… Read more  moving around up there in the branches? 4 • Do animals ever fall out of trees? 5 • What about the animals that don’t live in trees, where do they stay? 6 • Do animals sleep at night? 7 • Do they live all alone or in a family? 8 • Is the fox wicked to eat the little field mouse? 9 • Are leaves enough to make a meal? 10 • How do animals wash themselves in the forest? 11 • Why don’t we ever see any baby animals there? 12 • Do animals catch cold in bad weather? 13 • How do animals manage not to get lost? 14 • Why are so many animals brown or grey? 15 • What do the animals do when there’s a forest fire? 16 • Why are forest animals afraid of humans?

Author : Pascale Hédelin

Illustrateurs : Sandrine MartinEMILIE HAREL

6 and up


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Themes: animalsforest

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N°EAN 9782745958525
Number of pages 40


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