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Le petit dico d’anglais et des Anglais

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A bilingual dictionary to understand English words at primary school.
Le P’tit dico d’anglais et des Anglais is a real dictionary, with alphabetical entries. Each English word is translated into French and followed by a simple sentence to… Read more  understand the word in context. The « dictionary » double pages have little boxed features to find out more about a definition, the description of an event or an aspect of the English life style.
The thematic pages of introduction, richly illustrated, let children discover what life is like in the United Kingdom. Twenty-six double spreads are devoted to words like: Christmas / Great Britain / Jobs / Kilt and Scottish traditions / London / Monuments of London / School / Tea / Underground / Queen, Zoo, etc.
The child will also find a notebook with extra features such as: colours, shapes, numbers, days, months, the time, the seasons, countries but also prepositions, pronouns, verbs and some words that are tricky to use (articles, adverbs, adjectives, conjunction…) A handy index at the end.

6 and up

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