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Le grand livre animé des sciences

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Discover measurements by sliding a measuring rod, the force of inertia by accelerating a car, the different states of matter by learning about water and its atomic states, changing water states by boiling it in a pan, why it is more difficult to run… Read more  in water than on land by pulling a tab, how to make a sound wave evolve, optical effects…
Each scientific fact is explained to children in concrete terms, with the help of interactive features.
Each double-page explores a specific topic in-depth (the role of science, measurements, forces, matter, thermodynamics, liquids, waves, images, electricity, energy), with short, concise, and simply illustrated facts, along with interactive features for an even better understanding.
The authors, Guillaume Prévôt and David Marchard, are both physical science engineers and children’s book writers. Their explanatations are perfectly adapted to young readers.

Illustrator : Cléo Germain

6 and up

Collection: Documentaires animés

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Themes: animationscience

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N°EAN 9782408018016
Format 265 x 260 mm
Number of pages 24

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