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Le grand livre animé de la ville

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What’s hiding inside a skyscraper? How do they organize the traffic? Where does the electricity that lights up our streets at night come from? What’s it like inside a fire station? What buildings do you find
in a district? 55 animated… Read more  features to bring the town to life! A non-fiction book with animated features that’s full of surprises! Readers will learn all about the town, how it works, its spaces, its infrastructures, what goes on behind the walls of buildings on the pavements, how the town is cleaned…One double page per theme: the traffic, the business district, underground, in the park, big department stores, security and emergency services, the buildings in a district, how the town changes.

4 and up

Collection: Anim'Action

Publication date:

Themes: town

Retail price: 20,90 €

N°EAN 9791027608850
Format 210 x 250 mm
Number of pages 20


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