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Le corps humain

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Let’s discover the human body… the skin, the muscles, the organs,
the blood, the skeleton, and how the body functions thanks to them.
Why do we get sick?
How does a vaccine work?
How did man learn to treat illnesses over… Read more  the years?
Lots of fascinating questions that will help understand all the little things that go on in the body at every moment of the day: Why do we sweat? Why do we burp? Why do we parp? What’s the point of body hair? Why is it hot when I wee? Why do I get goose bumps? What are the snots in my nose? Why do I have a navel? Why do I get pins and needles? and many more.

Author : Emmanuel Chanut

Illustrateurs : Rémi SAILLARDSylvain Frécon

6 and up

Collection: Mes docs Youpi

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Themes: human body

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N°EAN 9782747068451
Format 180 x 215 mm
Number of pages 40

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