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Without our brains, we’d be vegetables! How can we gain understanding of that organ we know little about, yet is indispensable? The ideal subject to study science without realizing. 15 essential questions help them understand what creates order… Read more  in our grey cells and neurons, from a technical viewpoint. Adapted for children, short and simple questions and answers enriched by clear, precise illustrations. To facilitate understanding, easy to do, enjoyable activities to place the cerebrospinal fluids, the spinal cord, the five senses, neurons, memory, etc.

Author : Angélique Le Touze

Illustrator : Benoît TARDIF

6 and up

Collection: Mes p'tites questions sciences

Publication date:

Themes: activitieshealthhuman bodyscience

Retail price: 8,90 €

N°EAN 9782745992475
Number of pages 40

Mes p'tites questions sciences

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