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La p’tite encyclo de l’histoire du monde

Bayard Jeunesse
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From Prehistory to the present day: the great adventure of humanity.
What did our ancestors look like? Where did they live? How did they move around from one place to another? When did they construct the great monuments we know so well? Who… Read more  invented writing, money, surgery, the steam engine?
An initiation to the history of the world, and an entertaining way to learn about the diversity and richness of the human adventure!

Author : Bertrand Fichou

Illustrator : Didier BALICEVIC

6 and up

Collection: Mon encyclo

Publication date:

Themes: great discoverieshistory of the worldinventions

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N°EAN 9791036344008
Format 210 x 250 mm
Number of pages 108

Mon encyclo

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