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A leisure space par excellence, the beach is a favourite spot for holidays: you can bathe, relax, get a tan… But these moments of tranquillity are often interrupted by kiddies’ questions (which, as every adult knows, are not always easy to… Read more  answer): Where does sand come from? How are sand dunes formed? Why do we have to put on sunscreen when we go to the beach? … Here at last is a book with all the answers!
1. What is a beach?
2. Where does the sand on the beach come from?
3. What is a sand dune?
4. When the tide goes out, what is left behind?
5. Why are there little holes in the wet sand?
6. What animals live on the beach?
7. Can trees grow in the sand?
8. Why do we bring a parasol to the beach?
9. Are we obliged to bathe at the beach?
10. How can we fish at the beach?
11. Do some people live on the beach all the time?
12. What are those flags stuck into the sand?
13. Why is the sand all striped this morning?
14. Did people always go on holiday to the seaside?
15. Why do people say the beach is good for the health?
16. Can beaches be made by man?

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