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Au feu, les pompiers !

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Who are the fire fighters What different categories exist? What is their mission? When did the first fire-fighters appear? What different things do they do? What exactly is fire? Zoom on their equipment, materials, engines and trucks. How can fires… Read more  be avoided? How should we react when we see a fire? + Guessing and other kinds of games.

Auteurs : BERTRAND FICHOUEmmanuel Chanut

Illustrateurs : Mélanie AllagRENÉ DOSNE

Colours by : MAUD LEGRAND

6 and up

Collection: Mes docs Youpi

Publication date:

Themes: firefireman

Retail price: 9,90 €

N°EAN 9782747064392
Format 180 x 215 mm
Number of pages 40

Mes docs Youpi

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