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Animalia, voyage animé au pays des animaux

Editions Milan
Couverture de « Animalia, voyage animé au pays des animaux »


This spectacular pop-up offers a handful of information on natural habitat and animal. With its 6 richly illustrated dioramas, here is a book where the esthetic and quality of the animals will seduce bibliophiles as much as pop-up fans, from young… Read more  to old.
The dioramas present: The temperate forest
• The savanna
• The mountain
• The ice floe
• The Amazonian forest
• The coral reef
Each diorama is introduced by a text presenting the habitat and the animals who live there, accompanied by a map. Once this presentation page is deployed, a big image appears in different plans, with the animals in situation.

5 and up

Collection: Documentaires animés

Publication date:

Themes: pop-up

Retail price: 24,90 €

N°EAN 9782745994561
Format 196 x 366 mm
Number of pages 18

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