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L’histoire de l’Odyssée

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Furthering our ambition to make « Mes p’tits docs » a reference imprint for non-fiction, the series has expanded to include its first encyclopedias. Guaranteeing clarity and accessibility for young readers, the series bywords since the… Read more  beginning, authors Stéphanie Ledu and Stéphane Frattini bring us the fabulous epic of the Odyssey in a bigger format and more pages.
80 richly-illustrated pages with a simple, linear text that reads like a story to introduce young children to Greek mythology and their first discovery of Ulysses’ fabulous journey.
L’Histoire de l’Odyssée begins at the end of the Trojan War. But before he can return to his homeland, the Island of Ithaca, the infinitely cunning Ulysses sails the seas for 10 years facing challenges posed by the Gods: to fight the Cyclops, resist the song of the Sirens, avoid falling into the traps laid by Circe and Calypso … Disguised as a beggar, he comes back to land on his island, gets rid of the suitors come to woo his wife, Penelope, and reclaims his kingdom.

5 and up

Collection: Mes encyclos p'tits docs

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Themes: Greek mythologyOdyssey

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N°EAN 9782745981509
Format 245 x 215 mm
Number of pages 80

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