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Les voitures

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This book is divided into 4 parts.
In the first, we see the life of a car: its production, the key components, maintenance, stopping at the petrol station and the garage, and lastly its destruction at the wrecking yard.
Part 2 invites us… Read more  to ride in a car and drive along all the existing kinds of roads: national roads, motorways with their rest areas, car parks, etc. But be careful, there are rules, and policemen to see that you respect them!
Part three shows us different kinds of cars: historical models, the mythical cars, those used in sports. There are cars for all tastes!
Part 4 is an initiation to automobile sports with 4-wheel drive rallies, Formula 1 racing and collectors’ exhibitions.
On each double page, a strip develops a theme inspired by the subject on the page, encouraging young readers to think. A child’s question is answered with humour and dynamism. A bonus for learning!
At the end of each section, there’s a double page of self-assessment which adds value to the lessons learned and the child’s analysis.

3 and up

Collection: Mes années pourquoi - Imagerie

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Mes années pourquoi - Imagerie

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